Why Not Compliment Your New Apple Carplay Upgrade With A Wireless Charging Pad Upgrade?


We can offer bespoke upgrades to your vehicle at the same time installing your Carplay or android Auto interface.

Vehicle Wireless Phone Car Charger Vehicle Installs.

TTW offer the very latest and bespoke Wireless Charging Pad upgrades for your vehicle. We will intergrate a new wirless charging pad into either the tray area of your centre dash or within the arm rest depending on the vehicle type.

This is a great addition to add at the same time as well as your new apple carplay intergration.

This then gives you full wireless charging as well as full wireless carplay with this ultimate upgrade.

Wireless Charging Pad - Retro Installations - TTW



Offering the highest quality upgrade solutions for your vehicle.



Hidden wireless charging kit is designed to mount behind a trim panel or flat surface and allow charging without changing the aesthetics of your car, van or motorhome.

Our kits benefit from a triple coil design meaning the contact patch for wireless charging will be really strong, unlike other cheap alternatives that will likely only have a single coil setup.


“Bespoke Vehicle Wireless Charging Pad Solutions”

No more charging cables

Fed up of wires from your phone when charging your vehicle? Then we have the latest charging solution for wirless charging mobile phones.

OEM quality integration

The design of your car will remain visually unchanged, with our TTW upgrade wireless charging solution the charging functionality of your vehicle will be brought up to date.

Works With Most Wireless Charging Phones

Front center console tray, Arm Rest solutions depending on vehicle type, charging PAD Solutions. The original style solution to charge smartphones

Fully Installed

All these kits are designed to be fully installed into your vehicle offering the very best charging solution.

Wireless phone integration within your vehicle’s interior.

Offering the very best install solution that you will hardly be able to tell from the OEM part and that will blend perfectly with the rest of the vehicles interior.

The design of your car will remain visually unchanged, apart from having the very latest technology in wirless phone charging.

Wireless Charging Pad - Retro
Wireless Charging Pad - Retro