Digi Dash In-Car Entertainment


Digi Dash |

the Future of in-car Entertainment…

Just plug Digi Dash into your cars USB port used for CarPlay or Android Auto and our interface loads right up on your screen ‘using your vehicles existing CarPlay system’.


Digi Dash | 2023 Version

Digi Dash At A Glance

  • Stream Your Favorite Shows
  • Wireless Carplay / Android Auto
  • Download Applications
  • Play Mobile Games
  • Universally Compatible

Quick & Easy Installation

1. Plug Into your USB port

Plug digi dash into the uSB or USB-C port in your car used for carplay or android auto and let Digi Dash Load Right onto your screen.

Digi Dash - Apple Carplay UK - TTW

2. Connect to the internet

Connect to the internet via either a wiFi source such as your phones hospot or with a 4G SIM.

Digi Dash - Apple Carplay UK - TTW

3. Endless Entertainment

Use all your favourite apps right on you car screen.

Digi Dash - Apple Carplay UK - TTW


Impress your passengers

Bring the benefits of everyday technology to your car screen! Download Applications and games available on the google PlayStore directly onto your Digi Dash and have the most impressive car out of all your friends.

Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

Tired of cables? Connect to CarPlay & Android Auto Wirelessly without the need to plug-in your phone everytime you enter your vehicle, with our built-in wireless CarPlay and android Auto Applications.

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